Self-Love is the most important love of them all. Follow this guided meditation while using your Love bath oil, Love Body & Massage Oil, Love Body Cream or a Love Candle and embrace in Self-Love and acceptance. 

I would like you to focus on your breathing just for a while - breathing slow long deep breaths from the belly – in and out.

You may be aware of other noises that surround you - inside or outside your room but you can just disregard them, because the only thing of importance right now is YOU - as you allow yourself this time to relax - to drift, dream, and travel deep within to a space of acceptance, creativity, and love.

As your mind is drifting and dreaming - I want you to imagine; visualise or get a sense of opening a door which leads you into a beautiful rose garden.

As soon as you enter this rose garden you are captivated by the aromas of Rose, Jasmine, and Patchouli.

I want you to find somewhere in the garden to sit for a while amongst the roses – as you allow yourself the time for reflection.

The garden is filled with roses of many colours and sizes, but each one is perfect. With their own unique colour and aroma.

As you care for your rose garden – filling it full of love and warmth – the flowers will start to bloom – showing their beautiful petals – one by one.

You surrender to the endless love that surrounds you in this beautiful space – you feel an immediate sense of acceptance here.

A warm glow of love and light envelopes you – healing your heart and nourishing your soul - encouraging a greater sense of compassion for yourself and others, and the courage and confidence to pursue whatever life goals you desire.

Your heart feels full of love here – knowing that you are perfect – just as you are right now. There is no one quite like YOU.

Knowing that – the more you love and accept yourself – the more love you will allow into your life.

Knowing – like the roses – YOU TOO – will bloom and grow – with a little love, warmth, and care.

As you leave this sacred space today – your heart is full of love and acceptance for yourself, others, and your world around you. Knowing that you are love – and you are loved.

Now it is time to bring your awareness back to your body and the room around you.

When you awaken you will feel alert and revitalised, with a sense of wellbeing throughout your mind, body, and soul.

Start to move your body – maybe wiggle your fingers and toes a little.

Now take three long deep breaths – in and out and when you are ready slowly and gently open your eyes

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