Q&A with Claire Menary

Claire Menary is a photographer and lifestyle blogger based in London. She has a strong eye for detail, and a knack for capturing the beauty in the everyday – whether at home, in London, or while travelling the world.

What is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned?

That everything happens for a reason, even mistakes. They teach you the most important lessons.

What are the self-care rituals you depend on to create calm in your day?

I like to write my to-do list each morning, then have a shower and get ready for my day. I also do a mini facial in the morning, massaging away any tension in my face and smother my body in lotion to keep it hydrated and supple. Then, depending on the day and the weather, I like to light a candle on my desk before getting on with work. I will take a walk sometime during the day also to clear my head. 

When do you feel like the best version of yourself?

 Physically, it’s when I’ve done a really good workout, had a shower, put fresh clothes on and have minimal make up on. Mentally, I feel my best when I’m proud of the work that I’ve just completed. 

What do you need, in order to feel at home?

 I’m a creature of comfort, so I like my little comforts throughout the home. I love my bed, fresh flowers and candles. My boyfriend calls me a ‘faffer’ as I’m constantly faffing around in my flat – moving things around or re-organising them. I like to be surrounded by my belongings as they are what make up my safe space – the little place I call my home.

Claire is wearing Naila Green Palm Kaftan.