Vegan Lotions and Creams For the Ultimate Self-Care Experience

Kalmar is presenting a premium range of lotions and creams that do a lot more than just skin nourishment. We integrate a holistic approach in our luxury body care products so that people can get a soothing and energised experience. All products available in this section are vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and suitable for all skin types. Have a look at our products, their ingredients, and impacts below....

In-depth Understanding of Our Vegan Body Lotion and Cream

We have four self-care products featured in the “Lotions and Creams” section to enrich your personal care routines. Check out their details to know which one is meant for you specifically!

Peace Balm of Serenity

The Peace Balm has a secret recipe to reconnect your soul and mind with nature. You can use this balm as a solid scent, or to massage on any tense area for the ultimate relaxation. It is your pocket-sized spa ritual on-the-go! The enriched formula of Amethyst Gemstone extracts, lime flower, passionflower and gardenia stem cells makes this balm one-of-a-kind in the market.

I Am Loved Body Cream

The luxurious aroma of this cream gives a sensual boost to your entire body. Expect a rejuvenating experience with its antioxidants and potent hydrators that ignite compassion and self-love while also leaving your skin with a natural shimmer. Ruby gemstone, cinnamon and velvet bean are the key ingredients. Additionally, balanced fragrances of ylang-ylang, rose, bergamot, and jasmine create the perfect potion of love.

Joy Energise Body Lotion

The light and silky formula of this luxury body lotion gives a refreshingly cool feel to the skin. We recommend using it after taking a shower in the morning to lock essential moisture. The amber gemstone, cocoa and rhodiola added in this lotion awaken and energise your body and mind. The composition of bergamot, lemon and jasmine are its key uplifting aromas.

Calm Soothing Body Cream

Peace of mind seekers must try this calm soothing body cream because of the relaxing scents infused into it. It protects, soothes and moisturises your skin with the finest vegan ingredients. It has a blend of comforting scents which includes iris, violet, lavender and ozonic that helps restore your mental and physical energy. Gardenia stem cells enhance natural collagen production to keep your skin supple and youthful. All products available on our official website are categorised in “Joy”, “Calm”, “Peace”, and “Love” soul states on the basis of their holistic approach. These sustainable and cruelty-free products have certified gemstones infused into them.

If you still can’t figure out which self-care product is the perfect match, allow our skin experts to help you with just a phone call.
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