Kalmar is a lifestyle brand that creates indulgent self-care products to instantly lift your energy and mood. Based around the high vibrational frequencies of Joy, Calm, Peace and Love, our self-care essentials are designed to connect you to these four positive emotions (or as we call them ‘soul states’) because we believe that what you cultivate, you become.

We are all about self-connection, self-love and self-kindness. We empower you to choose the way you want to feel every day by guiding you to set intentions, tune into your senses and connect with yourself on a deeper level. We believe that small daily acts of self-love can lead to great changes in one’s life, and for humanity as a whole.

Kalmar is made for you, the modern goddess, a radiant being seeking harmony in mind, body and soul.

“ Only by realigning the mind, body and soul can we find peace within ourselves. ”
— Karen Ruimy


At Kalmar, we believe everything is energy. We believe that you can either feel positively charged from the people and material things around you or the opposite. When you connect to energies that resonate with your frequency you reconnect to your soul, your inner self, and vibrate at a higher frequency.

Kalmar helps you to express how you want to feel through the self-care products you put on your skin, connecting your soul to the energies of joy, calm, peace and love. Kalmar helps you to realign the mind, body and soul through energy and intention-setting, allowing every individual to move forward on their own unique journey to wellbeing.

“You can recreate yourself every day, it is your decision. Tap into your soul’s energy. Find joy, calm, peace and love in there. ”
— Karen Ruimy

Kalmar is founded on spirituality, inclusivity, empowerment and kindness – four pillars which underpin everything we do.


Spirituality is at the core of everything we do. We believe that when you engage your senses, you connect to your soul, and to a deeper purpose in life. We seek to help all our customers tap into their sacred intuition, so every wellbeing product we create is rooted in connecting with the spiritual self. We’re honest, open and always eager to talk about what mindfulness, holistic wellbeing, and healing mean to us.  


We exist to empower you. We want give you the power to change how you feel and to create moments of Joy, Calm, Peace and Love, and the wellbeing rituals you do - so that you can lead a happier, better connected, more fulfilling life. We share the guidance and mentoring of our founder whenever and however we can, to inspire you to take ownership over your own existence. We partner with charities such as Women For Women to make lasting change in the lives of women all around the world.


We believe self-care is for everyone. Our products are designed to allow all kinds of people, living all kinds of lives, to connect to their soul through their senses. We partner with charities such as Black Minds Matter to make this a tangible reality. We invite diverse opinions and perspectives, we collaborate with others and we offer them our platform, whenever we can.


Kindness is essential to what we do. From our devotion to our customers, our team members and our business relationships, to the way we treat our planet. We willingly acknowledge our imperfections, striving humbly for progress and a deeper understanding of the world we live in. We use our position of authority to create a ripple effect, spreading compassion and empathy throughout the world. The wellbeing of Mother Earth underpins every effort we make: the pieces we design are timeless and high quality, allowing our customers to buy less and buy better; and we are proud to support Forest Carbon, planting one tree for every item sold, to offset our carbon footprint.



Kalmar’s Wellbeing collection is designed to immerse you in nourishing self-connection.

Charged with gemstones and driven by intention-setting, Kalmar’s unique self-care products allow you to instantly connect to the high frequency energies of Joy, Calm, Peace and Love. From indulgent bath oils to body creams, our soothing, restorative products give you permission to pause and tune in to your soul and senses.

Create your own sacred space with our scented candles, body lotions, balms, and more.


Kalmar is founded on Joy, Calm, Peace and Love – soul states which we believe guide every element of our existence. Each scent intuitively came to Karen whilst she was mediating and have been recreated in partnership with world-renowned perfumer, Tom Kosmala, to truly capture our four emotional soulstates and deliver instant mood changing effects.

They are comprised of natural extracts and nature identical fragrance compounds to achieve exquisite notes enveloping the senses.

Each individual ingredient was chosen by Karen for its purpose, potency and energy. Designed to shape our self-care rituals, each product performs threefold:

I. Awaken your senses and connect to your soul. The most direct path to the soul is through the senses. From evocative scents and pleasing textures to colourful packaging designs, every element is chosen to guide you on a sensory journey to reconnect you with your soul.

II. Enhance your mood. Each precious gemstone and key botanical extract are chosen for their mood-enhancing properties, carefully combined to evoke a state of mind.

III. Nourish your skin. Finally, each contains high-quality active ingredients, with long-term benefits for physical wellbeing.

“Scents have a potency to disconnect you from the energy you are in and to connect you to something else.”
— Karen Ruimy