Small Scented Candles Uplifting Senses Positively

Do you believe in holistic healing through aromas? Kalmar believes in holistic healing through fragrances infused into your space with these special candles. Right now, we are offering four soul state candles namely: ...

✔ Joy
✔ Calm
✔ Peace
✔ Love

Each candle is unique in itself because of Kalmar’s signature blends. Here’s how these mini scented candles can rejuvenate you mentally, spiritually and physically.  

How Our Small Scented Candles Will Uplift You

It’s all about the holistic healing benefits of natural scents. Igniting our candles inside your room is beneficial from multiple aspects. Have a look at some highlights:

  ✔ Mind Soothing
Mind relaxation is the primary benefit of non-toxic, naturally scented candle. The perfect infusion of natural fragrances and gemstones aids your mind with a soothing experience. Science-backed research has already proven that the right aroma dose during relaxation period treats various psychological and physiological effects.  

✔ Mood Uplifting
Want to immediately feel more energised and uplifted? Here comes the role of our “Joy” candle. It cleanses and uplifts the energy levels of your room at any time of the day or night. Just light it up and feel the difference!

  ✔ Improves Sleep Quality
If you are having trouble sleeping, try our small scented Calm candle. Whenever your body needs a moment of tranquility, just light it up and enjoy a truly relaxing moment. These small gift candles promote an incredible sense of peace and relaxation!    

All these small scented candles can last up to 20 hours. Once you start feeling their positive impact on your life, place an order for large scented candles that lasts for a longer duration!  
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