Wellness in the Workplace Workshop

Bringing Wellness to the Workplace

Our four self-empowerment wellness workshops based around what we call our ‘soulstates’ (JOY, CALM, PEACE & LOVE), are the perfect lunchtime or team bonding activity for you and your team to feel more energised, inspired, grounded and confident within yourselves.

More about the workshops: 

✓ Choose between the four ‘soulstates’ to decide which intention and energy you wish to cultivate more of (Joy, Calm, Peace or Love) – or book in all four.

✓ Experience a unique combination of guided meditation, breathwork, grounding exercises, visualisation and NLP techniques, intention setting, energy activation, acupressure points, self-massage and stretching.

✓ Guided exercises that empower you to reconnect to your own inner joy, calm, peace or (self)love.

✓ Filled with useful daily tips and techniques that can help you reconnect to yourself and instantly feel a sense of joy, calm, peace & love.

Added benefits:

✓ A new & unique way to do team bonding

✓ Staff wellbeing and motivation

✓ We offer your staff an exclusive discount across all Kalmar products purchased