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Karen Ruimy

“I wanted everything about Kalmar to be a mix of luxury, wellness and spirituality. It’s a way of being, a way of seeing life.”

Karen Ruimy is a multi-disciplinarian in the truest sense of the word. Born in Morocco and raised in Paris, she spent eight years working in the finance industry until, at the age of 28, she experienced the spiritual awakening which prompted her to trade it all in. She has been devoted to her soul’s calling ever since – and that trajectory has carried her through spiritual healing, writing, dance, music and philanthropy, among many other fields.

It’s an unusual trajectory, but an organic and authentic one, underpinned by a passionate pursuit of self-discovery and wellbeing. Now, in Kalmar, Karen has created a holistic wellbeing experience which allows others to access some of what she has made her life’s work - realigning the mind, body and soul through energy and intention-setting, allowing every individual to move forward on their own unique journey to wellbeing.

Karen is also the author of The Angel’s Metamorphosis and her new book, The Voice of the Angel, a collection of spiritual writings enriched by beautiful imagery. Both books are profoundly lyrical and deeply personal. They are designed to uplift and guide the reader, as Karen puts it ‘on the voyage of the soul’.