Kalmar Cream

We are looking to build long term, meaningful partnerships with people who have a natural affinity with our brand. If you are interested and feel you are the right fit for Kalmar we would love for you to apply to be one of our brand affiliates. As a Kalmar brand affiliate, you can create meaningful content for you and your followers, promote Kalmar’s products organically and earn 35% commission on any sales generated.

Find our affiliate programme link below, where you can find relevant information and a sign-up form. 

What are the benefits of joining? 

  • Earn 35% commission on sales, excluding shipping and returns.
  • Access reports and sales tracking.

What does Kalmar offer?

  • 35% of commission on sales, excluding shipping and returns.
  • Exclusive promotions/voucher codes where needed to support new launches. 

What do I need to do as a Kalmar affiliate?

  • Promote Kalmar on your platforms by placing our products and links. 

How to join?

  • Click the link below to fill out our registration form.
  • We will review your submission and social media handles and will be in touch if your application is successful.