This guided Calm meditation will help you release your anxieties and worries. It is best used with our Calm products. Inhale the beautiful aromas of Iris, Violet and Lavender with our Calm Body Cream, Calm Body & Massage Oil and Calm Candle and allow the mediation and aromas to give you a sense of Calm. 

I would like you to focus on your breathing just for a while - breathing slow long deep breaths from the belly – in and out.

As you sit or lie in your room - you may be aware of other noises - inside or outside your room but you can just disregard them, because the only thing of importance right now is YOU - as you allow yourself this time to relax - to drift, dream, and travel deep within to a place of

Calm and relaxation.

As your mind is drifting and dreaming - I want you to imagine; visualise or get a sense of standing in front of a tall, garden wall – with leaves and branches covering the wall.

Now behind these leaves is a door – a door which leads to a secret garden.

You cannot see the door fully yet - as the leaves are covering it.

YOU have access to what lies behind this door.

I want you to gently push the leaves and branches to the side – and as you do – you will see a beautiful old door – which has been hidden for some time.

The door – has been locked for protection – but if you place your hand in your pocket now – you will find a key – a key which will open this door – leading you to a  beautiful secret garden.

You can step inside now.

As you step inside you instantly and immediately feel a sense of CALM throughout your mind and body. A feeling you have been searching for – for some time.

As you take a good look around this beautiful garden you will see a bench placed perfectly underneath a tree. A perfect place of safety and for reflection.

Take your shoes off just for a moment and feel the grass beneath your feet - and the sense of grounding you instantly feel – and the connection to the earth.

It is a perfect day in the garden - the sky is clear and blue - the flowers are in full bloom.

As you are relaxing in this beautiful garden – taking in the sights, the sounds of nature, and the beautiful floral aromas of Jasmine, Lavender, and Rose – allowing your mind and body to heal and restore here…. Surrendering completely to the present moment – this magical moment of stillness and serenity.

Just for a moment, I want you to look up at the sky – and as you do – you will see a perfectly formed white, fluffy cloud.

Now, this is not any ordinary cloud – this cloud can dissolve all your fears, your worries, your tension, and your stress. Easily and effortlessly just by thinking it.

Think of any worries, fears, anxieties or stress, and the reasons for these feelings – and I want you to place them all in that white fluffy cloud. You can do this easily and effortlessly just by thinking it.

Place all your fears – in the white cloud.

Place all your worries – in the white cloud.

Place all your stress and tension in the white cloud.

As you do – you will start to notice – that the cloud is getting darker and darker – filling the cloud with all your worries and fears – the cloud is getting darker and darker.

As you continue to look at the cloud – you will start to notice – that there is a glimmer of light shining behind the cloud – this is the SUN – the sum of all your desires – to be free from all these worries, fears, and anxieties.

The sun is getting brighter, brighter, stronger, and stronger. Letting go now. Releasing all those worries and fears into the cloud – one by one. You can let go now – surrendering - releasing and letting go.

Count from 1-3 and on the count of the 3 – the cloud and all its contents will completely disappear.

1 – the sun is getting brighter and brighter

2 – the cloud is starting to disappear

3 – the cloud is completely gone – with all its contents

As you bask in the healing rays of the sun in this magical secret garden – knowing that you now feel lighter and calmer.

Now it is time to leave your secret garden – leaving with a sense of CALM – and relaxation.

Knowing that whenever you feel stressed and worried or fearful – you can come back to YOUR secret garden of the mind – and release all those worries one by one into the cloud.

It's time to bring you back to full awakening – and as you awaken you will feel alert and revitalised, with a sense of wellbeing throughout your mind, body, and soul.

I want to bring your awareness back your body, and the room around you – start to move your body a little – wiggle your fingers and toes.

Become aware of the noises that surround you.

Now take three long deep breaths – in and out and when you are ready slowly and gently open your eyes.

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