Q&A with Amisha Ghadiali

Amisha Ghadiali is an intuitive therapist and creator of the live summit Style & Presence: A Reclamation of Worth.  Able to transform our unconscious patterns, anchoring new daily practice and rituals, she supports a lifestyle that recognises the sacred and the importance of intuition creating a deeper connection within. Throughout her programmes and retreats, she creates tender and inclusive spaces in which our hearts can unfold and heal.  Amisha's new book, 'Intuition' is now available to pre-order. 

How do you connect to your sacred femininity? 

I have been through a whole journey of unlearning the shame of the sacred feminine that’s rampant in society. I find this to be a cyclical process where each month I descend and rise with a deeper connection to the sacredness in me. I feel and call in the different archetypes depending on what is happening in my life or my day. I have a goddess practice that honours and opens different aspects of my soul through mantra, yoga and ritual, which I share in my wild grace retreats; Saraswati for my creativity, Kali for my fierce wildness, Lakshmi for my soul radiance, Durga for my warrior of love and Green Tara for my traversing of starlight. Through adornment, reverence and devotion, I connect to these beautiful depths and deeper to the expansive nature of our inner worlds and what is possible for us to birth in this world as women.

What do you need, in order to feel at home?

I have been moving a lot in recent years through a life between London, Bali, California and India. I have learned to make a home anywhere and I carry with me an altar with statues of the goddesses, an incense that I love, some essential oils and candles. These beautiful objects with their smells and energy, make any space sacred, so I can rest, connect and be inspired. I love to be in places that are spacious, bright, uplifting and with some connection to wild nature. For example, even in my flat in London, you can watch the moon rise, which reminds me of being at home on earth as well as in the space I am in.  

What are the self-care rituals you depend on to create calm in your day?

I love my rituals; for me it's the little ways we care for ourselves and others that allow us to really show up in this world in the way of Beautiful Leadership. In the morning, I like to light my candle and sit in meditation, prayer and make offerings. I have many small rituals that I lace throughout the day such as setting intentions, giving gratitude, asking for support from the unseen worlds and 'composting' the day before bed. For me connecting to earth in some way always brings a feeling of calm or peace, through taking a walk or a wild swim, watching a sunrise, looking up at the stars or watching the sky. 

What’s the greatest act of love you’ve ever witnessed?

I feel we are all in the greatest act of love in each moment when we choose to show up and be present each day with the uncertainty, the pain and suffering and with that find a way to connect to the beauty of being alive, to find the blessings, to find our resilience and to co-create a beautiful future. I am so inspired by this, the ways that people devote their lives to what they believe in and transform their wounds into gifts for this world. That's why I started my podcast, The Future Is Beautiful, as I wanted to share more of these stories, so we can all be inspired to live more courageously from this place of our love.