Q&A with Laura Jones

Laura Jones is a holistic sex, intimacy and relationship coach and the founder of Her Resonance, a platform for conversation around these themes. Working with the mind, the physical body and the energetic body, she combines modern tools and ancient wisdom to allow women to access evolution and transformation, moving towards the changes they want to see in their life.

How do you connect to your sacred femininity?

To connect to my sacred femininity, I turn to my sacred sexuality practices. I love Taoist breast massage to create more of a connection to my feminine, and, as it’s connected to the heart, to bring more love into my system.  

What is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned? 

Without question the most important lesson I’ve learnt is to allow the ebbs and flow of life to happen; to accept that life will have its ups and its downs, but that is its rhythm. We must have the day and the night. As one teacher once said to me, ‘we must allow life to dance through us’.   Not getting attached to life being one way, but allowing the rhythms of life to take place, is my greatest lesson.

What do you need, in order to feel at home?

I used to love to be on the move, but now returning home always brings me peace. When I am away, I just need a little routine to make me feel at home. I make sure I do my meditation and grounding breathwork practices; they allow me to feel at peace, and come back home to myself wherever I am.

What brings you joy, first thing in the morning?

My meditation practice, of course. While I do often have awe-filled, joyful meditation practices, I also love the simplicity of taking an early morning stroll around my neighborhood, while the light is still soft. I connect with my surroundings and remember all the other lives that exist around me.