For clarity, insight and wisdom

For clarity, insight and wisdom

This Peace guided mediation will allow you to feel a sense of clarity and inner peace. The Peace Balm of Serenity is ideal for any sort of meditation but will maximise the results of this Peace meditation. The Peace Body & Massage Oil and Peace Candle are also great tools to help you feel grounded and tranquil instantly. 

I would like you to focus on your breathing just for a while - breathing slow long deep breaths from the belly – in and out.

As you do you may be aware of other noises that surround you - inside or outside your room but you can just disregard them, because the only thing of importance right now is YOU - as you allow yourself this time to relax - to drift, dream, and travel deep within to a place PEACE, truth and acceptance.

As your mind is drifting and dreaming - I want you to imagine; visualise or get a sense of walking along a forest path with oak trees lining either side.

This is no ordinary forest – this is an ancient forest – full of wisdom. The trees that line your path – have stored within them – years of truth and wisdom.

They stand tall, proud, and strong – as they guide and protect you – along your way.

As you walk through this magical forest taking in the sights and sounds that surround you

The birds gently singing- the rustling of the leaves - the suns healing rays shining through the trees - onto your face and body - the earthy aromas that fill the air – that of moss and benzoin.

You feel an instant state of peace - you feel balanced; safe and protected.

Although you have not walked this path before – you feel a sense of belonging and safety here.

You feel a deep sense of acceptance and TRUST. Knowing that whatever you are faced with – you have within you – all the answers – to all the questions – you could ever have.

As you continue walking along the path enjoying this feeling of peace within you notice as you approach the end of the path – an ancient oak tree – larger than all the rest – stands in your way.

Within the tree – is an opening – large enough for you to enter.

This is a wise old oak tree - which has witnessed many events over the years -filling it full of insight and wisdom.

Now I want you to step inside the tree and sit down on the grass that grows within the tree – feeling safe, comfortable, and relaxed.

This is a special tree – a place where you feel connected – and at peace. A place you can visit when you need clarity or guidance.

You can ask the tree any question you may have regarding a current concern, worry or fear – and the answer will be given – in a beautiful, gentle voice of love and wisdom.

Even if you do not have a question – it is a perfect place of clarity or reflection – a place you can come – to share your thoughts, feelings, or ideas. A place where there is no judgement – just a space full of love, compassion and understanding.

Here you feel a deeper connection to yourself – spirit and the earth. With every breath you take here – you feel more grounded – more connected - more at peace.

Any you can spend a moment or two here – fully absorbing the feeling of inner stillness.

Now it is time to leave this magical place – walking away with a sense of clarity and upliftment.

Knowing that you can return here whenever you need insight or clarity – or to feel a sense of peace.

Now it is time to bring your awareness back to your body and the room around you.

When you awaken you will feel alert and revitalised, with a sense of wellbeing throughout your mind, body, and soul.

Maybe start to wiggle your fingers and toes a little.

Now take three long deep breaths – in and out and when you are ready slowly and gently open your eyes.

Q&A with Lera Zujeva

Q&A with Lera Zujeva

London-based tea specialist Lera Zujeva is the founder of T-Lovers, a platform which celebrates the magical world of tea and the art of living slowly.
July 28, 2020 — Kalmar Journal
Tags: Peace Q&A