Each gemstone has an extraordinary power that helps you connect, heal and cleanse. For this reason, we decided to infuse our products with gemstones to make your wellness journey even more powerful. Joy, Calm, Peace, and Love are all different positive emotions but they are all pillars of overall wellbeing. 

amber, gemstone, crystals, healing, energy, spirituality

For Joy, we infused Amber gemstone which is the Sun’s gemstone. It absorbs negative energy and pain as well as helps to de-stress. It is helpful for people who need a boost of self-confidence and creates self-expression. Choose Amber when you need help with decision-making, spontaneity, balance, and patience. Allow the positivity to flow and let the negativity leave your soul. 

crystals, amethyst, healing, energy, gemstone, bodycare

Calm and Peace are infused with Amethyst gemstone also known as nature’s tranquiliser. It balances the mind, body, and soul. Amethyst carries calm energy that helps you to de-stress and relax soothing your body and relaxing your anxious nerves. This magical gemstone eases your muscles and instantly helps you feel more relaxed and peaceful. 

gemstone, crystals, healing, energy, bodycare

Ruby is the gemstone of Love. It encourages you to light up your inner goddess and overcome old wounds of the heart. It strengthens the heart and ignites more love, more confidence, and more power. Ruby is the gemstone of good fortune for the body, mind, and soul. 

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