You might be thinking, what are Soulstates? Joy, Calm, Peace, and Love are positive emotions, or what we call soulstates. We have all experienced Joy. As children we felt it in its purest, but life has a habit of taking our joy away so it is our mission to bring it back into our lives. With Joy, you will then be able to feel Calm. Once you have the first 2 soulstates, you will be able to really appreciate Peace. Peace is found in nature, it is grounding. The last soulstate is Love, or more specifically Self-Love. Last but not least, the Love soul state is the one that makes us feel ‘complete’. 

Our focus should be on one soulstate at a time. With the seasons changing the soulstate that might have previously needed more attention might change. Ask yourself “What do I need right now? What part of me needs more attention?”. A lot of the time our body gives us the answers that we need. If we have aches and pains in certain parts of our body it might mean that there is some emotional distress that is being manifested physically. For example, if you are having stomach issues you might be going through a period of heavy stress. Your gut is your second brain & is the part of the body that holds onto a lot of unresolved emotional distress. If you are having back problems it might mean that you don’t feel supported, and so on. Listen to your body and what it needs.

1. Joy

Joy is designed to raise your energy vibration, it uplifts and awakens the body whilst enhancing the inner mood and mindset. Using guided meditation, visualisation, specialised massage techniques, as well as incorporating body brushing, you will feel uplifted with a strong feeling of abundance in your heart.

2. Calm

Calm focuses on the "second brain”, the digestive system, it allows you to release any worry or concern whilst reconnecting deeply to your body. Using specific reflex points on the feet combined with a deep abdominal massage, this treatment is targeted to emotionally de-stress, aid digestive issues, as well as ground your mind, body and soul to promote optimum health and wellbeing.

3. Peace

Peace allows you to disconnect from a turbulent mind and move you to a space of tranquillity. Inspired by Shirodhara from a natural form of Ayurveda Philosophies, it targets the 'Third Eye', scalp and Base Chakra in order to rejuvenate the mind and body allowing you to connect to a moment of sacredness.

4. Love

Love encourages self-love, creativity, and self-expression. Incorporating rhythmical massage techniques inspired by traditional Balinese movements that cocoon the body with slow, rhythmical movements. It sends waves of energy through your body - opening the heart and allowing you to connect with the hymn of the universe.

Which soulstates needs more of your attention? If you’re unsure, you can either take our Soulstate questionnaire, or come in for an Energy-Balancing Treatment and our wonderful Master Therapist will guide you to the right soulstate for you.