Unfortunately, stress is something that the majority of us have experienced or are experiencing. Stress can affect our sleep, our weight, our eating patterns, our skin, and our overall health, it is one of the worst things for our bodies and minds. It is not always easy to cope with stress especially if you are prone to it, but here are easy ways to lower your cortisol levels and find your inner zen.
  1. Breathing exercises: Focusing on your breathing is one of the simplest and quickest ways for you to calm down and recentre. It’s important to breathe with your stomach and not through your chest. Take slow deep breaths, hold for 3 seconds, exhale, hold for 3 seconds and repeat as many times as you need. Focusing on your breathing allows you to really focus on one simple thing and let go of the rest. This technique is called box breathing. You can also try tapping, gently tap your body. You can start off on your shoulders, head, legs, and arms wherever you feel comfortable and take deep breaths.
  2. Journal: Writing things down is a great way to let things go and express your feelings. When we are stressed, we feel overwhelmed, scared, and panicked, writing down what you are stressed about and the feeling next to it helps you let go of that feeling. You will feel lighter and more relaxed.
  3. Take a break: Sometimes the best thing you can do for your productivity and efficiency is to not do anything. We all deserve a break and need it! We need you to recharge, and regain the energy that we have consumed. If all you want to do is lay on the couch and binge watch some tv, grab a blanket get comfy, and enjoy the show. Listen to your body, it’s trying to tell you something.
  4. Don’t be so harsh on yourself: We are our own harshest critics, let’s stop. Speak to yourself the same way you would speak to a loved one. We are not robots, we can’t do everything perfectly all the time. That is okay. Celebrate the small wins and focus on the good rather than focusing on the bad.
  5. Balance: Establish boundaries that help you achieve a good work-life balance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not being able to complete all your tasks on your to-do list or feeling overwhelmed by life in general. Having healthy boundaries when it comes to work, relationships, friendships, or even family is one of the most important steps of self-care.

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