It is so easy to forget to take care of yourself in a world that is chaotic and stressful, we get caught in the waves and don’t know how to get back to the shore. What we don’t realise is how even the smallest acts of self-kindness can impact our mood and overall happiness. 

There are 7 pillars to self-care. Don’t worry, you don't need to focus on them all at once but focus on the ones that need more attention depending on your needs.

  1. Mental Self-Care 

    1. Cultivating a healthy mindset through mindfulness and curiosity. Try meditation, writing in a journal, taking breaks from your screens, try box breathing. Anything that can help you recentre. Try the Kalmar Peace Balm of Serenity. The earthy scents are a great addition to your daily mantras or meditation. 
  2. Emotional Self-Care 

    1. Involves taking care of your heart with healthy coping strategies. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what we are feeling or other times we don’t know or want to deal with those feelings. Remember that all feelings are valid. Watch a deep movie, listen to your favourite songs, ask for help when you need it and set up boundaries! Setting up boundaries is probably the most important form of self-care. Prioritise what you need and feel. Our Love collection is warm and soothing, ideal for reaching Self- Love. 
  3. Physical Self-Care 

    1. Taking care of your body with exercise, nutrition and proper sleep. Exercise doesn’t mean going to the gym, it can mean whatever you want as long as you move your beautiful body! Try new workouts to find what you enjoy, drink lots of water, eat at regular times and get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. 
  4. Environmental Self-Care 

    1. Taking care of the spaces and places around you. When we have a clean and organised surrounding, our mind is clear. Try re-arranging your workspace, make your home (or one room of your home) a sanctuary. Lighting a beautifully scented non-toxic, natural candle can immediately change your space and mood. Kalmar Candles come in all four soulstates to help you reach Joy, Calm, Peace and Love even quicker. 
  5. Spiritual Self-Care 

    1. Activities or practices that give a sense of meaning to your life. Find something that makes you happy and fulfilled. It can be spending time in nature, volunteering, connecting to a higher power, identifying your life values or finding a community. 
  6. Recreational Self-Care 

    1. Making time for hobbies, fun activities and new experiences. We all have an inner child that is curious and adventurous. Embrace your inner child by going on an adventure, play a video game or a board game! Or simply take time to do absolutely nothing. 
  7. Social Self-Care

    1. Building relationships with regular connections and healthy boundaries. Surrounding yourself with positive people who respect your boundaries is a necessity. Especially if you are going through something emotionally draining, talk to a support group, a friend, a relative. We can sometimes be scared to ask for help when we truly need it the most.

Nourish your mind, body and soul with our unique Kalmar products. 


Kalmar xx