We all have our days where we feel low about ourselves, it is normal. There are ways to get you out of that mindset and make you feel your wonderful self again.

1. Accept

Accept the fact that you are having one of those days, you’re in a low mood, not feeling truly yourself; it will be okay. Once you accept this, try to figure out why you are feeling low; what is the reason? There can also be no reason.

2. Listen to your body

If you need to rest, go out, work out, sleep, do what your body is telling you it needs. We all need a reset.
Show yourself some love: We should all be doing one thing a day that makes us feel good, happy, and calm. Take care of your skin, your soul and your mind. Kalmar is the tool just for that, take our Soulstate quiz to discover which one you need and try the products in the range!
Remind yourself how special you are: It may seem silly but saying out loud that you are loved, beautiful, smart, funny and unique can increase your self-esteem instantly.

3. Positivity

surround yourself with positive and loving people. People who bring you up rather than pull you down. If you are on a path to finding inner peace, there is no room for negativity. Positive surroundings create a positive mindset.

4. Body tapping/scanning

Take a moment to feel your body. Body tapping requires you to close your eyes, give yourself a loving hug and gently tap your shoulders. If you would like to try body scanning, start off by becoming aware of your head. Stay there for a little while and move down to your neck and continue with the rest of your body, focusing on how every part of you feels.

5. Be kind to yourself

We are always so harsh on ourselves that we don’t end up appreciating what we have done right. We sometimes don’t even realise how much we have done! Writing to-do lists and including even the small tasks like, making the bed or getting ready etc will make you feel accomplished.

6. Journaling

It’s important to identify your inner critic, give them a name and be aware whenever they start to talk. When they start being mean write down what they are saying to you in a journal and also write down how you feel. Most of the time, we don’t even understand what emotions we are going through. Having to sit down and feel your feelings allows you to dig deep and find the core of why your inner critic is saying what they’re saying. It might be associated with something that you experienced in childhood, or some terrible that happened to you later on in life. Self-awareness is the first step to overcoming any self-esteem issues.

We are always our own harshest critics, taking a break or a step back is sometimes necessary. Our bad days don’t define our life or who we are. They will pass and you will go back to being the confident, wonderful person you have always been.