When and how did you first realise you had a heightened gift of intuition whereby you can read energies?

I have always been connected with energies and spirit. My earliest memories of talking to my ‘imaginary friends’ started when I was just four years of age. My ‘imaginary friends’, I soon learned to be my Spirit Guides in life, I still speak to them to this day. Growing up, I was always known as the ‘agony aunt’ as I was always drawn to helping and healing others through difficult times. I was guided to study Alternative Therapies, a variety of massage techniques and a variety of Philosophies but the magic really started to happen after I gave my first massage in the Ritz Carlton Hotel when I was just 19 years of age. Intuitive insight flooded my energy, I was relaying information throughout the entire 90 minutes of his treatment, details about his personal life, there was no logical way that I could have known any of the information that I was sharing. He was blown away with my insight, as was I. The minute I placed my hands on his back it was like a light switch of intuitive connection was turned on and that light has only become brighter throughout the years. I had finally found my purpose, I am an Intuitive Healer.

Can you shed some light on your background: childhood, studies, or any experience that helped forge the path you have drawn today?

Throughout my life I have always just ‘known’ things about people, or I have predicted things that would happen prior to them happening. I have a gift of being an Empath and Clairsentience. I connect with people by feeling every single thing that they are feeling in my own body on an emotional and physical level. I also see flashes of their past, present and future, it is forever like scrolling through Instagram. I see images and I try to make sense of them like it is a game of charades. I became curious about my abilities and at the time, I didn’t know anyone else who had a gift like I had, so I went looking for answers. This led me to study a variety of Alternative Therapies such as Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Chakra therapy and Philosophies such as Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. I explored mindfulness techniques, the benefit of breath work, mindfulness mediation and a multitude of massage techniques. The more that I explored, I felt like I was learning a memory, waves of insight washed over me and my existing gift just grew stronger every day. I felt as though I had a deep understanding of the spiritual and intuitive connection with our body and soul and why we experience some of the things that we do but I wanted to deepen this understanding even further and understand why we act, think and behave in a way that can be detrimental to ourselves. So, I studied CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Combining CBT and Intuitive healing allows me to treat the root cause of an issue my clients might be experiencing resulting in them having an even quicker and long-lasting transformation than ever before. Your soul/intuition has all the answers that you seek but if your mind is not in alignment with your soul and if your mind is speaking louder than your intuition then you’ll constantly be in the same pattern of behavior. So, combining years of study with my intuitive gift, I ensure that I align my clients mind, body and soul to awaken a deeper awareness of themselves so that they become the true healer of their life.

Was healing always your lifelong purpose? Or did you have other plans for yourself?

From the time I could talk I have said that I would A. be a lawyer, B. work in a spa or C. have my own business. I studied law for a year, then decided to take a year out to study Beauty Therapy which opened doors and my awareness to Alternative Health. And now, I own two successful businesses. At times, my purpose was not always clear to me, but I always knew that I could achieve anything that I put my mind to so, I created my own path with guidance from the Angels, of course.

How do you define the power of mind-set?

One word… AWARENESS. 

Mindset is about being aware of what you want and how you feel. You are not your mind. Think of it like this. Your mind is just a computer that your soul is in control of programming so that your soul can tell it what to do and where to go in life. I know this might sound crazy but stick with me, I like to use the example of the movie iRobot with Will Smith. The robots take control of the humans and cause chaos to life as we know it. They are destructive, abusive and negative. When we are not in control of our mind, our minds can do the same thing. It is vital to become aware of your thought process so that you are an observer of your thoughts and not a participant in them. Once you do, you can remove any thinking that doesn’t align with you being the best version of you. You can use techniques like affirmations or mantras to ensure that you are always growing, evolving and living the life that you want to live. 

What you tell yourself you become. Define what the best version of you looks like. Define your goals. Define a plan of action to achieve them. If you don’t know what your goals are then define what you love to do (your passion) your passion is always an expression of your soul/intuition. 

What are the areas that your work covers?

I am a Multi Award-Winning Intuitive Specialist and Founder of Treatment Creations. I collaborate with a number of five-star Hotel Spas and Resorts around the world offering my Intuitive Healing. From working with people who experience anxiety, depression, low energy, women who find it difficult to conceive, if you are looking to gain clarity, connect deeper to your own intuition, if you would like intuitive guidance, if you are overcoming a physical illness, if you have digestive issues and so much more. I read energies to determine any blockages in the physical and emotional wellbeing. After relaying my findings, I will tailor a treatment around my clients needs. I treat the root cause of an issue that is causing the symptom that they feel. I also share any visions or techniques that I receive throughout the experience in order for my clients to maintain the positive effect from the treatment. Feel better today and you can make every tomorrow even better. 

I am also an Empowering Speaker, a guest writer for magazines and I host a podcast show called ‘Droplets’. I also own an online store called ‘Droplets’ which was inspired around Affirmation products to remind you that you are the master of your own life. All it takes is for one word to change the course of your day and life. The language we speak moulds our reality. I am here to facilitate change through the power of mindset, energy and language. 

I founded Treatment Creations so that I could continue working in the Beauty Industry and continue to follow one of my many passions. I consult for five-star Hotel Spas and Brands to create their Treatment Menu, to design their concepts and signature treatments in alignment with their brand vision and story and that is how Kalmar and I crossed paths. 

Can you tell us about your work with Kalmar and the creation of the beauty range?

I was introduced to Karen Ruimy, the Founder of Kalmar, three/ maybe four years ago. We instantly connected through our spiritual awareness and our passion for helping others to become the best version of themselves. Karen shared her vision for Kalmar and the Beauty range, and it was an instant alignment. It is rare that you meet someone who lives in harmony with what they are teaching. The concept to empower people to awaken to their soul and senses is exactly what I do through my Intuitive work and when Karen told me that she was creating products to enhance these qualities I just knew that I had to be involved. 

Karen invited me to create Signature Treatments for each sense, Joy, Peace, Calm and Love. My first insight was to interview Karen to learn about her own personal and professional journey. Intuitively, I felt that the treatments needed to embody aspects of her spiritual awakening and intuitive insight. After all, that is exactly what we have to do with these senses, they need to be awakened in us, by us. Everything that I create stems from my intuition and energy connection first, and then I allow my knowledge and understanding of physical wellbeing to shape the treatment. I had the privilege of ‘playing’ with and testing the products to see what insight came for the development of the treatments, always keeping in alignment with Karen’s vision and mission for her brand. And then the treatments were created…

Kalmar Wellness CollectionHow do the products, representing the four key senses of Joy, Peace, Calm and Love, go beyond their pure product functionality and help us evoke the senses after which they are named?

The products immediately take you on a sensory journey. With their silk like textures and natural aromas you automatically become aware of the feeling that they ignite within. The natural ingredients in the Kalmar products have the power to transform your mood because of the relationship between your olfactory nerves (smell memory) and parts of the brain that control emotion. Even though the ingredients may trigger scent memories, it’s the compounds in the ingredients that take the aroma beyond memory to a place of alternative medicine. For example: In the ‘Calm’ range, we have ingredients such as; Lavender and Frankincense. Lavender relaxes your mind and body, reducing signs of stress and tension whereas Frankincense enhances your immune system, reduces inflammation, improves digestive system and much more, deeply relaxing ingredients to ignite the feeling of being Calm and grounded. Each product, each sense holds their own unique properties, with the citrus aromas in Joy you cannot help but feel awakened, upbeat and with increased energy.

You will alter your preference on what product to use in your routine every day, it all depends on your emotional and physical needs and if you need more Joy, Peace, Calm or Love that day.

Can you tell us more about the beauty treatments and how you conceived them?

The aim of the Kalmar treatments is to awaken the sense of either ‘Joy, Peace, Calm or Love’ from within. Each treatment was inspired by Karen’s lifestyle with the aim of increasing your self-awareness through dancing, music and self-expression.

Visualisation, mindfulness and specialised breathing techniques are three core foundations of the Kalmar treatments as they encourage you to disconnect from a busy mind and to be centred in the moment. 

Kalmar Soul States


The treatment ‘Joy’ was inspired by dance. We combine stimulating techniques with alternating movements to activate the nerve endings and increase energy levels. Long, fluid motions open the energies by using dance like postures to bring a deeper awareness to your body’s flow in energy. 

‘For those looking to raise their energy vibration and connect with the synchronicity of the life. This treatment will give you time to connect with your heart’s true desires. With guidance, specific visualisation and specialised massage techniques, you will feel uplifted, revived and your energy will be instilled in a place of gratitude. ‘Joy – Allowing you to take time to reflect on all of the abundance in your life’


The aroma of the ‘Peace’ sense instantly grounds you. Its earthy scent reminds you of natures connection. When you hear the word peace you think ‘peace of mind’ and that is exactly what this treatment focuses on. Using techniques inspired from Ayurvedic Philosophies, this treatment targets a busy mind, focusing on specific areas of the body to align you with your breath and physical wellbeing. It is only when you have a quiet mind do you experience peace at heart. 

‘Take time to disconnect from your turbulent mind and move into a space of tranquillity. This experience will give you the opportunity to enhance your awareness and energy connection to your breath, your physical body and your inner voice. Allowing your mind to become still whilst listening to the rhythm of your vibration, is the most rewarding feeling there is.’


When we have been triggered by stress, we usually hold tension in three common areas; neck, shoulders, jawline and the second brain A.K.A. The gut or digestive system. This treatment combats all three tension points in the body. With Reflexology inspired techniques, abdominal massage and much more, you instantly feel realigned, lighter in your physical and emotional wellbeing and ultimately at one with your mind and body. This is fantastic if you are in a high-pressured environment and if you need to regulate your body’s natural healing ability.

‘Surrender to your breath and let Kalmar cocoon and nurture you to optimum health. With specialised techniques and alternative therapy, this treatment will relieve you from the daily stresses of life, encourage healthy digestive function as well as enhancing your overall energy levels. You will feel relieved, restored and ready to embrace life.’


When we are the happiest version of ourselves, we radiate love. Love is the core message of the way of life and something that Karen talks about in her books and spiritual writing. To awaken self-love and self-care is exactly what this treatment aims to do. The goal is to cocoon your body with a continuous flow of movement and energy allowing you to deeply connect to the moment when being nurtured by the emotion of love.

‘Love is the source of all that is. Allow us to take you on a journey that will help you to connect with the purest energy of your heart. This Balinese inspired massage will send waves of energy through your body opening your heart and allowing you to connect with the hymn of the universe. Reflect on your dreams and let go.’

What is your all time favourite Kalmar beauty product?

This is the hardest question to answer. It completely differs every day depending on what I need but if I had to answer, it would be a strong competition between ‘The Balm of Serenity’ and ‘The Soothing Body Cream’. Now that I think of it, it makes perfect sense as to why… They are two very calming and grounding products for both mind and body and that is exactly what I need the most as I lead a very fast-paced lifestyle.  

How would you describe Kalmar in 3 words?

Wow, wow, wow!

I’m kidding, to describe Kalmar in three words is a challenge but let’s see… 

Awakening, Harmonizing, Facilitator 

(I say ‘facilitator’, because when you are using Kalmar products and/or experiencing a Kalmar treatment it is like you are being gifted the gift of time. Time to connect to the present moment and time to connect to yourself)  

How do you define wellbeing?

The ability to live in harmony with your mind, body and spirit. Keeping your higher purpose in the forefront of your actions. To be the best version of you.  

Do you have a “feel good” routine?

The first thing I do before getting out of bed each morning is to decide how I want to feel for the day ahead. Then, the minute I step out of bed I will ‘check-in’ with my enegy and see how I am actually feeling. My mindful moments differ every day as I will tailor them to what I need. I decide what I feeling I need to awaken in accordance with my schedule and I will use the Kalmar product to assist in that, whether it is Joy, Peace, Calm or Love. I also have my ‘non-negotiable’ habits that I do every single day that include, journaling, meditating, being in nature (even for 5 minutes), moving my body through exercise, stating my goals and holding moments of gratitude.

Any tips to our readers to help them harmonise their body and achieve what they wish to achieve?

Time is an illusion. You have all the time you need; the key is to prioritise yourself and your needs. Decide what you want to achieve and visualise it every single day. Creating mindful moments whether sitting meditating, walking in nature, journaling or doing anything that allows you to express yourself is key to your creative energy. Creativity is an expression of your soul and of your intuition and the only way you will truly connect to it is by disconnecting from the outside distractions and reconnecting to your inner harmony that is always there. 

What is your favourite piece of clothing from the Kalmar resort collection?

The Stella Dress or the Kehlani Dress, to me, they both radiate creative energy. 

Kalmar Kehlani Dress

July 23, 2020 — Kalmar Journal
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