Chloe Isidora is an energetic healer based in London. Her life was transformed when, in 2013, she discovered her calling. Now, she works with women to guide them through connecting, awakening, healing ceremonies and sacred self-care rituals, recalling and remembering the ancient wisdom deep inside us all.

When do you feel like the best version of yourself? 

When I’m in nature, swimming naked in fresh spring water pools, lakes or under a waterfall. I love spending time in wild nature, I feel myself being completely rejuvenated, and nature’s life force energy pulsing through me bring aliveness and vitality.

How do you connect to your sacred femininity?

Through slow sensual movements, undulating my hips, sacred dance and bringing myself to my breath.

What brings you joy, first thing in the morning?

Stretching, remembering my dreams, drinking water and my morning practice.

What are the self-care rituals you depend on to create calm in your day?  

Taking moments throughout the day to connect to my heart, and remembering that every action I take can come from the place of my heart. I also love to bless my water before drinking. “Water I love, I honour and respect you, thank you.” 

Chloe is wearing the Silvana Dress in gold.

July 28, 2020 — Kalmar Journal
Tags: Healer

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