Women are in possession of a profound, untapped power. It connects us across geographical boundaries and through generations; and on the days when that resource feels just out of reach, you can reconnect to it through your senses, with intentional self-care and self-expression. Perhaps you use one of our scents to inspire the Joy, Love, Peace and Calm you deserve every day. Maybe you choose to wear a sweeping silk kaftan in a vibrant, radiant colour, to tap into your sacred femininity. Whatever you do, do it with self-love and self confidence. When your mind, body and soul are aligned, you are capable of anything.


This month, as we celebrate both International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, we’re more proud than ever to help women around the world tap into their inner power. To that end, we partner with Women for Women International, a charity committed to supporting women whose voices go unheard around the world. Our donation is used to sponsor one sister as part of a year-long support programme, allowing her to learn about her health, her rights, and to train her in a vocation – so that she can support herself, her family and share what she learns throughout her local community. What could be more powerful? To find out more about Women for Women International, and the wonderful work they do standing up for, supporting, and speaking out on behalf of women, visit their website

March 05, 2021 — Kalmar Journal
Tags: Wellbeing