The way that we adapt to the world around us. Our ability to learn and retain new information. Our moods, our immunity, and even our metabolism. There’s not a single part of our mind or body that’s not touched by the quality and quantity of sleep we get each day. As autumn draws in and our circadian rhythms alter to keep up, rest couldn’t be a more timely topic. 

Taking the time to restore your energy is one powerful way to take ownership over your own self-care, and it begins with sleep. How might you better ease into a night of slumber? Start where you are, with a new daily ritual. Perhaps you might pick up a book on the commute home, rather than falling back into your email inbox. Maybe you’ll put on a silk kaftan and press play on a favourite album as you prepare your evening meal, or soak in the bath by the light of a soothing Calm candle. However you unwind to prepare your body for slumber after a long day of activity, show yourself kindness and compassion. You are taking care of yourself, as only you know how.

October 26, 2020 — Kalmar Journal