With it being Stress Awareness Month, our founder and spiritual healer, Karen Ruimy, shares with us her insights on how to manage stress and the tips and tricks she uses to navigate what can often be a busy and stressful world around us.

‘Stress is your response to the events and life occurring outside of yourself. It is how you are receiving and expressing a reaction to any experience happening to you. You are a soul having a human life experience in a busy world. You are engaged in different activities and exchanges with others. You will always be surrounded by outside energies, experiences and events. Managing your stress level is really about knowing yourself better. 

Are you in a state where you can be clear, centred and free from confusion when you live any given experience? Whenever you are creating in yourself a beautiful space of balance, of harmony, of clear and beautiful energy, you are able to respect that in yourself. You won’t be prone to react to experiences that trigger you. You will have created a distance within yourself that allows you to keep yourself away from the tornado and help you not to jump into confusion and stress.

You will have the capacity to know how can I stay balanced within this experience? How can I save my good energy here? How can I not let the intruder energy, the stress invade my inner self and disturb my harmony?

It all starts with your desire to stay in your harmony inside yourself.

It all starts with self-respect and self-discipline.

Each one of us has a way to stay balanced and in harmony and this is your homework: how can you achieve your beautiful energy?

The more you are able to create in yourself this harmonious energy in your heart centre and in your physical body, in your mental awareness and your auric field, the more you will be able to step away from confusing situations and stress.

Every day, create a ritual of connecting to your inner self. It can be: meditation, mental awareness, mindfulness, physical activity, listening to music, listening to the peaceful vibration within yourself whenever you are in nature, and or tuning in to yourself with anything that brings you joy and peace.

It is also about Self- awareness. Being aware of what is going on inside yourself: what are your emotions? What are your desires? when you really create self-awareness of your true inner self you are able to manage your energy inside and then you can see the stress wanting to come in or you can see you whenever you are falling into worry and stress.

So basically,  your own self care is essential to your capacity to understand why you are falling into a state of stress.

You invite stress the minute you ‘un-invite’ yourself in your life.

Stress is not an enemy it’s an indication that you are not listening to your own heart, that you are not concentrating on the highest energy in yourself.

To conclude, I want to ask you a question…’Do you think that when you stress you are bringing solutions to your situation?’

Please, whenever you feel stress in a situation ask yourself this question and you will see how irrelevant it is to build up Stressful energy because it just adds confusion, it just creates low energy pain, confusion, disharmony, and unbalance. Stress brings more stress which brings more un-wellness. 

Stopping the vicious circle is your discipline to go back and say ‘okay I will try today to BREATHE breathe breathe and, have a moment with myself to honour who I am and stop the stress , the vicious circle habits that are in myself’. Free yourself from that human pattern. Free yourself from that self-habit of not respecting your highest energy.

 I wish you well. You are amazing! You can do it ! Try every day to practise doing this a little bit and before long it will build up and enhance your quality of life no end. 

Breathe and love more.

Lots of love,


Want to instantly feel grounded? 

 Karen Ruimy meditation

Listening to Karen’s wise words above, sometimes, all it takes to centre you in times of difficulty is a quick moment to stop and breathe. Our suggestion? Try using your Peace Balm of Serenity whenever you need a grounding influence. Stop whatever you’re doing, embrace stillness, apply the balm to your pulse points, and breathe deeply in its calming scent.

Got a little extra time? Try Karen’s grounding Peace meditation using the Peace Balm to connect to your soul and senses, scroll down on the Peace Balm of Serenity page to the PEACE MEDITATION WITH KAREN section. 

April 12, 2021 — Kalmar Journal