There are plenty of ideal morning and nighttime routines online. But one fundamental thing we need to consider is that everyone is different. What works for me doesn’t work for you. Everyone has different schedules, and different timings, you might be a night owl or an early bird. What’s important is focusing on making time during the day to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

In the morning try to do things that uplift your mood. If you are an early bird, go on a nice walk, do some yoga or go for a workout of your choice. The movement will release endorphins in the brain which are the hormones of happiness and pleasure. If you prefer taking showers in the morning use the Joy Foaming Polish to gently exfoliate your skin while breathing in the uplifting scents of the Joy collection. Follow your shower by applying the Joy Lotion, made with cocoa and Rhodiola which are both amazing ingredients to help de-stress. Lastly, set your intentions for the day, and boom you’re set to have a great day.

If you are more of a night owl and mornings are not your most productive time of the day, use this time to be gentle with yourself. Do something you love, whether it is making yourself a delicious breakfast or cup of coffee, doing some journaling, or simply doing some stretches. Include something that makes you happy to make the day start on the right note. We always advise including some light yoga or meditation in the morning using our Peace Balm of Serenity.

The evening time should be used to unwind, it’s the time of day when your mind can finally relax. End your day doing something that brings you peace. If you are a bath person, enjoy a relaxing warm bath with the Love Bath Oil. Your skin will be nourished and your senses will be awakened by the lovely aromas of vanilla, rose, and ylang ylang. If you prefer a shower, the Calm Shower Cream relaxes your senses and hydrates your skin. Use the Love or Calm Body & Massage Oil after and you will wake up with the smoothest and most beautifully scented skin. Turn your screen off 30 minutes before going to sleep and take that time to read a book or reflect on the day. Think about what you did that made yourself happy and proud, what you accomplished and what you are excited about the future. Go to sleep relaxed and with happy thoughts.