Wellbeing Collection (Save 25%)

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A collection of the best wellness essentials. Created for your sacred intentions and self-care rituals.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • For invigorating self-care rituals
  • Wellness essentials you can use for any occasion
  • A complete wellbeing experience at any moment

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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Take ownership over the way you feel with our Wellbeing Collection, a series of products designed to allow you to redirect your energy inwards. From bath oils to body creams, solid scent to scented candles, take your inner peace into your own hands.

As featured in Mayfair Times, Wallpaper*, Telegraph and Glass Magazine. 

Includes our: 


  • Creating a regular self-care ritual that you’ll long to repeat
  • A moment of attention that soothes both the mind, and the body
  • A series of products designed for the ultimate self-care rituals
  • An exquisite and evocative collection of scents for your soul and senses
  • Richly fragrant scents that envelope your senses
  • Key actives that have long-term skin benefits
  • A great gift idea for family, friends or co-workers

As Featured In


It evokes an experience of glamour days gone by as the candle gently glows and the romantic scent fills the room. Light yet crisp top notes of uplifting Bergamot and heady, seductive Jasmine make the soul dance. Sensual Ylang Ylang and precious Rose oils at the heart bring uplifting and inspiring positivity. Soft powdery Musk, evocative Vanilla, and heady Patchouli guide the soul to a place of lasting and inspiring connection.


With a lightly whipped soufflé texture, the Calm Body Cream gives a luxurious treat to your skin. The scent evokes a Provençal garden in bloom. While celestial ozonic top notes create a sense of infinite balance. Soft floral heart notes of powdery Iris, calming Violet, and herbaceous Lavender blend well with woody Vetiver and rich Frankincense to comfort and restore your spirit. Base notes of green Moss and warm Amber relieves any weight that you have been carrying during the day.


Light yet silky, the Joy Energise Body Lotion creates a refreshing and cooling sensation as it absorbs quickly into the skin. The scent captures the purity of a new morning. A crisp Lemon top note pairs perfectly with enlivening Ginger and Bergamot, bringing a hint of soul-warming spice. A heart of spirit-lifting Jasmine and heady Magnolia inspires the senses with beauty and joy. The soft scent of White Musk nourishes your inner strength, giving you authentic confidence.