Khea's Ultimate Self-Care Box

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Discover the ultimate Self-Care box. 

  • The I am Loved Body Cream will leave your skin feeling deeply nourishing. Let the euphoric scent of love body cream fill you with love and bliss. It gives a sensual boost of energy and a luxurious feel to your skin as you gently apply it all over your body. 
  • Wash away all stress and negativity as you use the Calm Shower Cream in your bathing ritual. Massage onto wet skin in the shower or bath to create a creamy foam. It cleanses and nourishes your skin, while calming your mind with its relaxing scent. Your bathing ritual becomes a refreshing reboot, as it offers a moment of tranquillity and balance when you need it the most

  • The refreshing and grounding Peace Balm of Serenity reconnects your mind and soul to Mother Earth. This balm melts into a light oil making it easy to massage on your temples, third eye, neck, or any tense area, whenever you need a moment of clarity or calm. Carry it wherever you go in its pocket-sized wooden case.

  • A luxurious blend of finely ground Walnut shells, Shea Butter, Amber Gemstone, Rhodiola, Cocoa, and Orange Extract makes this Joy Jubilation Foaming Polish a great treat for your mind, body and soul. As you use this in your bathing ritual, it sheds away old energies and rejuvenates your body so you can seize the day on a high energy! Follow up your self-care ritual with Joy Energise Body Lotion to bring out smooth and radiant skin.

This Self-Care kit will leave you feeling Joy, Calm, Peace, and Love. Best used with affirmations to awaken your inner goddess. 

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