Khea's Goddess Ritual Box

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Discover the ultimate goddess ritual box

  • Achieve glowing, supported, deeply cared-for skin with a potent and active complex with our Love Face Oil.  Our carefully researched and selected dry-oil formula is packed with oleic and linoleic fatty acids for amazing skin plump and glow, and powerful Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, and K to regenerate, improve skins texture and tone and give immediate and long-term care to all skin types.
  • The I am Loved Body Cream will leave your skin feeling deeply nourishing. Let the euphoric scent of love body cream fill you with love and bliss. It gives a sensual boost of energy and a luxurious feel to your skin as you gently apply it all over your body. 

This ritual box will leave you feeling Joy, Calm, Peace, and Love. Best used with affirmations to awaken your inner goddess. 

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