FRETTE Bathrobe

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Find your Joy with this Wellness Bundle! 

Allow the energising aromas of Lemon, Ginger, and Bergamont to uplift your mood and the healing properties of Amber to invigorate you. 

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A luxurious white bathrobe with the Kalmar logo in pink will elevate your cosy winter post-shower rituals.

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ideal for

- Positivity, purity and inspiration, for an instant boost of uplifting energy to begin your day
- Warmth, spice and citrus freshness; the scent evokes the joy of a late summer evening
- Nourishes and protects your skin
- Infuses your space with fresh energy
- Made with the signature Joy fragrance: Lemon, Ginger, Bergamot, Jasmine, Magnolia and White Musk



It evokes the purity of a new morning as it gently glows. The scent fills up the room with energising freshness. A crisp Lemon top note pairs perfectly with enlivening Ginger and Bergamot, bringing a hint of soul-warming spice. A heart of spirit-lifting Jasmine and heady Magnolia inspire the senses with beauty and joy. Soft White Musk nourishes your inner strength, promoting authentic confidence.


Amber Gemstone
A warm and dynamic stone, Amber is believed to carry the energy of the sun. It helps you connect to new beginnings as you start your day. It purifies your energy and supports lightness of heart.