Awaken your senses

As it gently glows, experience the romantic scent filling the room, evoking the heady glamour of days gone by. Light yet crisp top notes of uplifting Bergamot and heady, seductive Jasmine make the soul dance, while sensual Ylang Ylang and precious Rose oils at the heart bring uplift and inspire positivity. Soft powdery musk, evocative Vanilla and heady Patchouli guide the soul to a place of lasting and inspiring connection.

Enhance your mood

Ruby Gemstone
Ruby is a stone that’s known to encourage love, confidence and courage, stimulating the heart chakra and fostering creativity and wisdom.

Warm and spicy, Cinnamon arouses the senses to enhance concentration.

Velvet Bean
Used to elevate the mood and boost the libido.

Great for

Creating a sanctuary and a space to connect with the voice of your soul
Reconnecting with the present moment where your intuition resides
Setting the mood for your daily self-care rituals