At Kalmar, we give importance to transparency. We want you to know exactly what makes our products so magical. Karen Ruimy, the founder of Kalmar, worked alongside a perfumist to develop unique scents that help boost your mood instantly. Our ingredients are all-natural and of the highest quality to give you the same care on your body as you would on your face.

Our latest launch was the Body & Massage Oils, made with Argan, Jojoba, and Grape-seed Oil. All three of these ingredients have remarkable properties to hydrate your skin inside out. The different scents will bring you on a sensory journey with destination your wellbeing. These magical oils are best used after a shower or bath, massage onto your body and enjoy silky soft skin while setting your intentions to maximise moments of Joy, Calm, Peace, and Love.

Our Joy collection is uplifting, energising and ideal for the mornings or when you need a pick me up. With notes of Lemon, Ginger, Bergamot and infused with Amber gemstone. We use Cocoa to enhance the mood and reduce stress, stabilise mood and protect your skin, Orange Extract to tone and revitalise as well as heal and protect the skin, and Shea Butter to deeply nourish your skin. In the Joy Foaming Polish we use finely grounded walnut shell to gently exfoliate your skin. Both the Polish and the Lotion have Rhodiola, that helps the body to adapt and deal with stress while also invigorating the spirit and imparting a sense of balance. Amber gemstone is believed to carry the energy of the sun and connect to new beginnings, it acts as a natural pain reliever and purifies your energy.

Calm your nerves with our Calm collection. With notes of Lavender, Iris, Violent and infused with Amethyst Gemstone which is known as ‘nature’s tranquilliser’. Passionflower and Lime flower are known as a sleep aid, calming your mind and leaving your skin smooth, soft and fully hydrated. Passionflower calms your mind, while Lime Flower relieves restlessness. Made with Gardenia Stem Cells, to stimulate collagen production, and Coconut Oil Esters, that richly hydrate and reduce skin inflammation, your skin will feel rejuvenated, firm and healthy.

Find inner peace with our Peace Collection. The Peace and Calm collection have the same ingredients but what differentiates them are the notes. Our Peace collection makes you feel grounded. Top notes of refreshing Bergamot complement a rich, relaxing heart of Vetiver, to quieten the mind, while Frankincense soothes the soul. Earthy, woody notes of heady Amber, earthy Benzoin and rich Moss restore peace and enhance spiritual awareness.

Embrace in Love with our Love collection. Nourish your skin with Shea Butter, that conditions, hydrates, tones and soothes the skin, Apricot Oil, that is known as an anti-inflammatory and helps maintain softness, Rose Stem Cells, that helps the production of collagen, and Edelweiss that helps the skin withstand day-today stressors while also being more hydrating and antioxidant than vitamin C. Our Love collection is infused with Ruby Gemstone, known to encourage love, confidence and courage. Lastly, Velvet Bean and Cinnamon that arouses the senses to enhance concentration while also providing antioxidants.

Enjoy the journey to your overall wellbeing with Kalmar.