Caroline Burton selects five pieces from our wellbeing and resort wear collections that allow her to reconnect with her inner self.
‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. When I feel the sand beneath my feet and the sun upon my face, wearing a simple, feminine white dress, my contentment and joy is complete. My inner child is happy and I feel radiant, confident and alive. The tiered Luna dress needs nothing to complement it but a smile, bare feet and a beach bag.‘I love to wear pieces that lift my spirits, creating a ‘feel-good’ mood. This statement Sabrina jumpsuit does exactly that; the vibrant colours and sumptuous, feminine silk, which moves with your body – it makes me smile. I wear it styled with a pair of heels, or barefoot and free. It’s timeless, for that repeated feel-good effect. Ideal for a sustainable wardrobe. I couldn’t ask more from an outfit.‘Nothing breaths confidence more than wearing a swimsuit that complements your attributes. Being truly honest with yourself and aligning your wardrobe to suit your body shape is important. It can sometimes be hard to recognise the body you are now in, as opposed to who you were before. Particularly after having children, or just becoming older. Feel enriched and empowered by what has defined you and made you unique. I love this Josephine swimsuit for its youthful colour and plunging neckline. It accentuates and elongates my proportions for a slimming, sexy silhouette.‘Revived, fresh and confident, What better way to start your day? When I use the Calm Deep Cocoon shower cream, my mood is positive and strong. I feel the best I can be.‘The feeling of a tender touch with love and care, conjuring sensations of pure bliss and calm. It can do wonders for the body and soul. There’s no better to capture these feelings than a body cream that releases them within the self. This is exactly what I’ve found with Kalmar’s body cream – a true joy.

December 03, 2020 — Kalmar Journal
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