Nestled in a private cobbled mews in the heart of Belgravia just off Eaton Square in our Kalmar townhouse, the House of Kalmar is your exclusive space to retreat from 21st century living to rebalance and reconnect to your sacred energy.

Purposefully set up to welcome one guest at a time, we have created the ultimate nurturing experience for you to feel completely cocooned in our calming and loving space.

Based around the four soulstates of JOY, CALM, PEACE & LOVE each of Kalmar’s unique experiential treatments is designed to realign the mind, body and soul and reconnect you to your sacred energy.

Created by founder and spiritual healer Karen Ruimy in collaboration with award-winning energy healer Sinéad de hÓra, each treatment takes you on a complete sensory journey through the power of mindfulness, breath, intention setting, specialised massage techniques, and alternative therapies.

Based around the four soulstates and their corresponding focal points for the mind, body and soul, each of Kalmar’s signature treatments is designed to balance, harmonise, and nourish energy through the power of mindfulness, specialised massage techniques, and alternative therapies. All taking you on a sensory journey. Beginning with guided meditation, visualisation, and intention setting, each treatment can be experienced in 60 or 90 minutes.

Joy – intention: Gratitude | 60 or 90 min

A treatment to raise your energy vibration, it uplifts and awakens the body whilst enhancing the inner mood and mindset. Using guided meditation, visualisation, specialised massage techniques, as well as incorporating body brushing, you will feel uplifted with a strong feeling of abundance in your heart.

Calm – intention: Surrender | 60 or 90 min

A treatment to harmonise your "second brain”, the digestive system, it allows you to release any worry or concern whilst reconnecting deeply to your body. Using specific reflex points on the feet combined with a deep abdominal massage, this treatment is targeted to emotionally de-stress, aid digestive issues, as well as ground your mind, body and soul to promote optimum health and wellbeing.

Peace – intention: Trust | 60 or 90 min

A treatment that allows you to disconnect from a turbulent mind and move you to a space of tranquillity. Inspired by Shirodhara from a natural form of Ayurveda Philosophies, it targets the 'Third Eye', scalp and Base Chakra in order to rejuvenate the mind and body allowing you to connect to a moment of sacredness.

Love – intention: Reflection | 60 or 90 min

A treatment to encourage self-love, creativity, and self-expression. Incorporating rhythmical massage techniques inspired by traditional Balinese movements that cocoon the body with slow, rhythmical movements. It sends waves of energy through your body - opening the heart and allowing to connect with the hymn of the universe.

Treatment Pricing: 
For 60-minute treatments, £140.
For 90-minute treatments, £180.
For a package of 4 x 60-minute treatments, £450 (save £110).
For a package of 4 x 90-minute treatments, £590 (save £130). 

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