Joy Energise Body Lotion


A vivid, enlivening scent and a nourishing formula, the Joy Energise Body Lotion provides a gentle and optimistic uplift of energy, while revitalising, soothing and hydrating the skin. 

Apply it after your morning shower for an essence that will inspire you all day.

Great for:

  • Awakening and energising the body and mind – A few minutes of sacred self-care to set your positive intentions for the day, before you turn your attention outwards
  • A reminder to connect with all that you are grateful for every morning
  • Nourishing the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and radiant 

Awaken your senses

Light yet silky, the Joy Energise Body Lotion creates a refreshing cooling sensation as it absorbs instantly into the skin. The scent evokes the fresh, energising notes that capture the purity of a new morning. A crisp lemon top note pairs perfectly with enlivening ginger and bergamot, bringing a hint of soul-warming spice. A heart of spirit-lifting Jasmine and heady Magnolia inspire the senses with beauty and joyousness, while soft White Musk nourishes the inner strength.

Enhance your mood

Amber Gemstone
A warm, dynamic stone, Amber is believed to carry the energy of the sun. It has natural pain-relieving properties, can help to purify the energy, and supports lightness in the heart.

A perennial flowering plant, Rhodiola not only helps the body to adapt to and deal with stress, it also invigorates the spirit, while imparting a sense of balance. It also acts as an adaptogen for the skin, allowing it to meet to environmental demands.

An innately soothing ingredient, Cocoa is known to enhance the mood.

Nourish your skin

Coconut Oil
Soothing Coconut Oil is used to calm the skin, reducing inflammation.

Intensely hydrating, Glycerin soothes the skin, drawing moisture from the atmosphere.

Orange Extract
Toning and revitalising, Orange Extract invigorates the skin, helping to keep it supple.

Shea Butter
Hydrating Shea Butter serves to nourish the skin.

In this uplifting guided meditation, our founder, Karen Ruimy, will lead you to locate and tap into your own joy – a deep, present optimism. You’ll meet her in a luscious, verdant garden under a late summer sky. You’ll visualise a yellow ray of light emanating from your heart and circulating through your body, as you release the tension and anxiety you’re holding there, and instead welcome gratitude to illuminate your body from within. You’ll embrace your inner child, and let their laughter and contentment become the soundtrack to your day. Are you ready?
Wherever you find yourself today, allow yourself to be uplifted. The energy you manifest for yourself will radiate through you. You are worthy.

Kalmar products are not tested on animals, nor do we use suppliers who test them on our behalf. Our products are vegan friendly, free from toxic ingredients and our precious actives are always sustainably sourced.

Our boxes are all FSC certified whilst most of our inner packaging can be recycled or reused. The packaging industry is evolving quickly and we are in constant discussion with sustainability experts to plan for the future. Consideration for the environment is at the heart of our product development.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Joy Energise Body Lotion

Thank you kindly for your review. Team Kalmar x

Absolute brilliant

Lovely feeling and smell! I adore the product as it gives my skin wonderful sensation through out the day.

Dear Lina, thank you for your lovely review, we are so happy to hear you love our Joy Body Lotion! We recommend you to try the Joy Polish as the combination of these two is simply divine. Team Kalmar x

Amazing Product

I am in love with the Kalmar joy energised lotion and I am really excited to share it with my followers and my community

Dear Alima, thank you for your lovely review, we are delighted to hear you love our Joy body Lotion and are excited to sharing it with all your loved ones! Our products make for great gifts for yourself or someone special in your life! Team Kalmar x

Smells amazing

Really love this product. Smells beautiful.

Dear Michele, thank you for this lovely review, we are so happy you have enjoyed our Joy Body Lotion! Team Kalmar x

Joy to the skin.

This body lotion quickly became a favourite not just because of how it made my skin feel but because of the fragrance. Applying the joy body lotion offers a spa like experience from the comfort of your bedroom. It is a truly unique formulation providing that perfect moisture balance without the sticky feeling you get from some body lotions . Love it!

Dear Keziah, thank you for your lovely review, we are delighted to hear you have enjoyed our Joy Lotion and it has become one of your favourite lotions! Also, it is a great gift for yourself or someone special in your life! Team Kalmar x

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