You Magazine - April 2018

Karen Ruimy discusses resortwear revolution and the secret of her success with You Magazine's Kerry Potter

Label lowdown: The 52-year-old Moroccan glamour-puss has enjoyed an insanely varied career – from high-flying Parisian financier to flamenco dancer to author of two books about spirituality and meditation. Then in 2016, she launched a lifestyle brand, which majors on vibrant silk kaftans and handmade gold-plated brass super-statement jewellery.

Who wears it? Actress Eva Longoria and sun-chasing, boho jetsetters like Karen herself. (She divides her time between London, her Marrakesh villa, LA and Arizona – ‘I love the wilderness and the desert there.’)

Personal touch? The designs are inspired by her childhood in Casablanca in the ‘60s. ‘I remember women dancing at parties wearing these kaftans in amazing colours. They flow and dance with you as you move your body. They’re very feminine.’

Secrets of her success? Kaftans, she says, appeal to all women: “My daughter who is 17 wears the shorter designs. Young girls will wear them open over a bikini top and denim shorts, while an older lady will close it up, put a belt over it and layer jewellery over the top. You can play with the styling.’ She’s noticed that British women are starting to prioritise leisure travel over work burnout and the culture of busy-ness. ‘And with that they’re getting very excited about resortwear. They’re embracing more bright colour and prints – they understand that these things make us happy. The holiday wardrobe has gone from being an afterthought to a way of life.’

Key piece: The new season’s bold banana leaf print comes in three colourways, and crops up on kaftans, trousers, sundresses, skirts and tops.

Price? From £250 to £650 for a kaftan. Best not smear sun lotion on it, then.

What’s next? Karen’s beauty line – bath oils, shower gels and candles – is imminent, with sunglasses and a line of Grecian-inspired sandals to follow.

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