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Kalmar founder Karen Ruimy catches up with Conde Nast Traveller and shares her little black book of travel tips.


Where is home for you?


Home is London, Belgravia. I love to walk to Battersea Park and get a fix of nature. Walking around the lake you feel as if you are totally out of the city. For lunch I head to Olivo Carne or Olivo Mare, which are like extensions of my home and serve absolutely delicious food from Italy and Sardinia.


What do you pack in your bag when  travelling?


I am a writer; so I always pack my computer and books, they’re vital. I also like to bring  a candle or incense to ensure that I feel at home in my hotel, as well as little mystic  objects so that I’m connected to my spiritual  self.


What are your travel tips?


As soon as you arrive at your destination, go for a walk and connect with nature. Your body needs to stretch and breathe after a long trip, so this is a great  option.


Have you made any recent travel  discoveries?


Yes in Marrakech, in the middle of the Medina. I went to visit my dear friend and artist, Hassan El Hajjaj. He he has a store and only few people know the way into it. He is sells all kinds of extraordinary objects inspired by Moroccan  society.


What inspired you to launch Kalmar?


Kalmar is inspired by my constant search for wellbeing and enjoyment of life. Kalmar is   a lifestyle brand that invites you to find your own balance and  harmony.  Our  collections are made in Italy, from exquisite silks and cottons. Inspired by nature and travel, each piece allows you to feel effortlessly  elegant.


What's on your playlist?


I am such a music lover. As a flamenco dancer, I’m always inspired by amazing singers like Miguel Poveda, Buika, Martitrio and flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo. I love to listen the great jazz and soul singers like Nina Simone and Etta Jones. When I travel it’s important for me to have meditation moments and for that I would listen to Enya or  Deva Premal - magical.


Favourite restaurants at home or  abroad?


I love the restaurant in La Mamounia hotel; it is a feast of Moroccan food. The décor is  full of intricate artisanship and has different salons where you can sit intimately, or see the crowd but in subtle manner.

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