Karen Ruimy x Sinead de hora

AWAKENINGS | Peace with Sinéad de hóra

By Kalmar Journal

Karen Ruimy x Sinead de hora

Last week, we were joined by intuitive healer Sinéad de hóra to talk about Peace, in a live conversation you can now watch at any time on our Instagram channel on IGTV. We discussed how to find our peace, what it means to us, and the potent power of Kalmar’s Peace Balm of Serenity, a solid scent which allows you a transformation whenever and wherever you might need it. Sinead then led us into a moment for peace. Thank you, Sinéad, for this beautiful moment.

Here are a few extra questions we asked Sinead to answer off the screen:


Where in the world do you feel most peaceful? What do you most like to do while you are there?

I usually feel at peace every day, however, if I were to choose a place it would be Brittas Bay Beach in Ireland. It is right beside my house, I am usually alone on this beach and it holds all of my secrets, all of my insight. When I am there I surrender, I release worry, fear or anything that disconnects me momentarily throughout the day so that I can come back to centre.

Brittas Bay Beach


What do you need, in order to feel at home?

I only have to close my eyes, place my hand on my heart, give thanks and then... I’m home!


How do you connect to your sacred femininity?

Through journaling, channelling the energy I feel on the day. I pull energy from the sun into my body and allow it to flow into the earth. I then, do the reverse, pull energy up from the earth and through my crown chakra into the sky. By doing so, it awakens my Kundalini energy, my force, my inner power, wisdom and insight.

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