A letter from the Editor by Farah Yaktine

Dear Kalmar readers,


Welcome our newest debut: The Kalmar Journal.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Farah Yaktine, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

To start, let me say that I am a writing enthusiast, and have a particular penchant for all things related to fashion, travel, lifestyle, and wellbeing – in other terms, all the beautiful things that gravitate around the world of Kalmar.

The contents of this Journal will be diverse, and specifically tailored to cater your needs, likes, affinities, and penchants of your own.

I will be updating the Journal weekly, and populating it with subjects ranging from travel, fashion, beauty, wellbeing, art, design, architecture, whether in the form of articles, short and sweet reads, or interviews and Q&As with experts and influential people from the relevant industries.

Think: destinations, hotels, spas, retreat places, wellness centers, new abodes opening up kinds of features; styling articles to show you how to make the most out of your Kalmar pieces and demonstrate their versatility, beauty articles about scents, other pieces about wellbeing and meditation.

Did I mention that Kalmar’s founder, Karen Ruimy, is a brilliant multifaceted persona? A spiritual writer, a dancer, and a designer, to sum up her aura in just a few words. Naturally, I will be incorporating her character to the Journal’s content – and how can I not? – and share with you some good reads about the aforementioned too.

One of my goals is to take a good 15 minutes of your week for you to enjoy those pieces. I will also strive always to keep you engaged; you, the readers, and share with you texts that will connect you to your inner self and enhance your wellbeing, as well as nourish your knowledge about all the good and beautiful things in life. I hope to deliver to you a striking and meaningful package of ideas, words and images.

This is for all you readers who share the same passions as us, and find yourselves in the diversified and gorgeous universe of Kalmar.

I hope you will enjoy your weekly reads, and that they will inspire in you all sorts of good things.

Stay with us, and expect more.

Farah Yaktine, Editor-in-Chief.

Farah Yaktin at Milan Fashion Week

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